Wednesday, 15 February 2012


I'm going to the b-eat support group in about half an hour. (B-eat is the UK ED charity and they run support groups). It runs every two weeks and the last one was really good, which has meant I'm glad I'm going again but also that I'm worried it won't be as good this time.
I know I'm getting worse :/ but at the same time I've got my period so I'm like "what the hell you must be fine". Lissy and I decided we should swap logic, because I can be logical about her and she can be logical about me but we can't be logical about eachother.
I'm getting stranger with food. It is just getting wierd. I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow, I'm hoping he will explain to me what is happening with this meeting. When it is, who is going, if I am going, what he is hoping will actually come of it. I do kind of know what the answer is to the last question. They want ED to see me, when I was referred the idea was more psychologically oreintated now it is heading towards more nursing side of things.

I don't know which way to walk to b-eat. I've only done 3.4km today...but it is dark and cold so walking round the lake is probably dim :/


  1. which ever way you walk, take care! good luck with the meeting tomorrow and i hope the b-eat one is good too! xo.

  2. All I can say is, best of luck to you! I hope you get things sorted. xx