Tuesday, 21 February 2012

I really want to email just anyone that could help. Though nothing is wrong. I want to email Claire, I want to write to my old doctor, I want to drop a note into my doctor. But nothing is wrong. I've got to get through today. 45 minutes then 2 hours watching a film with friends. Then it is the evening and I need to do German work then I can watch TV and do arty things.
Tomorrow I have to go to German and tutorial, then I might go to the cinema or work on my essay. It isn't long, it is manageable.
Then on Thursday morning I'm seeing my doctor and Friday afternoon I'm seeing Claire. Then I'm going to London for the weekend. It is okay. Nothing is even wrong, nothing has gone wrong, my day has been fine. But I feel like I want to talk to someone, like I have something that has to spill out but there isn't anything.
I've had 700 calories already.

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