Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Lundi et Mardi

The past two days have been such a mixture. Yesterday I found out I had to re write one of my essays from last Semester and that I didn't have a grade for two modules because they had lost my exam paper (they thought I hadn't even been in the exam). I had a complete meltdown on my tutor. But then in the evening I helped run a pub style quiz in my hall and it went really well and over 100 people came and it was just like WOW I CAN DO STUFF.
Then today I haven't really done much except try and sort out the exam paper situation and see my mentor and then Claire...oh and ask for an extension. They found my papers so I have grades, they aren't amazing roughly a C+/B- but anyway I have more credits this semester SO I can bring my grade up quite a lot.
Seeing Claire wasn't as hard as last week but it kind of was because I didn't come away with any answers. I still don't know what is happening with this meeting. I know she wants me to see this guy James from the ED service but I don't know what his job title is. From googling I think he might be called James Parker and his job title is specialist clinician in eating disorders. (No idea what that actually means he does).
I'm seeing Dr Connor on Thursday so hopefully he'll know more.

Also I got my period, this is my second proper one in quite awhile. The first one was at the end of November then I got kinda one in December. Anyway, really horrible and bloated and painful.

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  1. I'm glad things seem to be coming together for you. xx