Thursday, 16 February 2012

Out of Sync

I was the only one at b-eat last night which meant I kind of had a two on one session, it isn't like therapy but it is therapeutic if that makes sense. I came away feeling like I could fight, so not only did I think I had something to be fighting but that it was okay to do so. That so quickly slips away. I'm hungry, I could have porridge, in theory I could have noodles or alphabet spaghetti or a jacket potato but they are dinner things and it is only 11am. But then even with porridge I feel all tangled up about it. I wish my eyes and my weight could agree because today when I looked in the mirror it wasn't so bad but due to my period my weight is higher than this time last week so then I feel like I'm okay and I don't need to eat. Which is illogical because everyone needs to eat right? Wrong. FJEWCHUWECOEUFHJ

1 comment:

  1. You deserve to fight, you are a lovely and deserve more. To eat when hungry, go out with friends and eat whatever you want. You need to eat.
    loveyou xx