Friday, 10 February 2012

So far today I've spent more time in my pajamas than clothes, cut, cut a bit more, binged, purged, cut a bit more. Sent a few attention seeking emails to Claire, found Farrah, got booked in for dressings at 4pm.
Seeing Shannice tomorrow, which is keeping me going. So far I've bailed on her twice in the last month so I have to be okay enough to see her!!!
Quite worried about a lot of people at the moment. Lissy, Lily, Shannice...hoping CAMHS is useful for Hannah.
Had the revelation that I'm still going to be ill at officially won't be teenage angst.

I think I smell of vomit. Classy bag of sick in the corner, need to take that to the big bins when I leave for the nurse.

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