Thursday, 8 March 2012


I've been awake for aaaaaaages. Super bloated (and gassy) stomach, acid reflux and chest pains...but I'm starting to think they might be anxiety.
I went to sleep just wishing, wishing, wishing I would wake up at xlbs. As in that I would have magically lost 20lbs. As you will have guessed, it hasn't happened.
My tutor replied saying not to worry and she is going to talk to the head of teaching to work out a plan.

I'm really worried about seeing Crisis team :/ I know I'm only seeing women because the main reason I didn't go into hospital is because there are male staff and they got that that would be more distressing and therefore risky than just letting me go. But I'm worried what they are going to say. The purpose of the meeting is to work out what is going on with my care, referrals etc. From talking to the woman who called yesterday evening they basically don't understand why I'm not seeing ED or the psychology service (who also deal with EDs when it is more complicated). They seemed really reasonable on the phone but I'm really worried they will upset me or I'll get upset and then they'll be all "you need to take responsibility for yourself" with me.

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