Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Called them, when they finally answered. They are waiting to hear back from Claire's secretary to see if they can use a room CLAIRE IS OFF SICK, HER ROOM IS EMPTY GRRRRRRR!!!
They suggested I get a taxi to Highbury and I was like I CAN GET THE FRIGGIN BUS I just don't want to get pissed off with you guys and then be in the MIDDLE OF FUCKING NOWHERE meaning I decide the best option IS TO TOP MYSELF.
Yes Highbury is another psychiatric hospital built conveniently close to train and tram lines. Clearly people who design these things think it is a good idea.
Not that they have to staff to see me until 'maybe Friday' anyway.
Oh and the after the HOURS Claire has spent telling me the Notts ED service don't have a BMI criteria I got told by crisis that I don't fit 'the ED BMI criteria, that might be why they cancelled your referral'. They don't know my weight so clearly they can see I'm a mega fatty.

Now I want to OD, mega funsies.


  1. Do your parents know about any of this? I'm assuming no, because you're legally an adult. You should call them... Please stay safe :-/

    1. No they don't. I dont' think it is really fair to call them when I'm hundreds of miles away :/ x