Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Can you decide for me please?

I have an appointment with Crisis team on Thursday and I don't know whether to go or not.
  • I'll walk 10 miles if I go
  • It maybe maybe maybe possibly be helpful
  • I'm worried if I cancel I will at somepoint in the future have it thrown back at me as "you turned down help"


  • I'll miss a lecture
  • I have absolutely nothing to say to them
  • I will probably feel really rubbish if I go, I always cry as I leave because the appointment is so shitty and not useful

I don't know what to do.

Also I'm really hungry but today I've already had 2 coffees (80), fruit tea, mocha light frappacino (96), haribo (100), toffee popcorn (150), green beans (68), soup (42), hot chocolate (80).

616, twice as much as I had planned on having.


  1. i think you should, because if it helps at all then that makes it worthwhile :) xo.

  2. i agree with becca it will be more helpful then harmful in the long run of things. good luck with your decision! :)