Tuesday, 13 March 2012


I've had quite a lot today already. I've had coffee, smoothie, yoghurt raisins, haribo, mocha light, coffee, biscuit, microwave cake. Then there is the formal dinner tonight. Then the after party.
I got a new dress in the New Look sale for £9 when I went into the city with friend-Claire this afternoon.... I can't find a picture online but if you're friends with me on facebook then there will probably be (awful) pictures of me on there soon. It is orange with flowers on.
It is kind of big...it is a 6 but I'm pretty sure it would fit a size 10. It looks okay though.
Sarah my friend from psychology might come to the b-eat group tomorrow...I do want her to get help but...I like that b-eat is my space, I don't have to see any of the people there except in the group. Yes I might see them around but we wouldn't talk and definitly not about the group. I worry that if I'm honest in there now that Sarah would bring it up on another day :/ she might not even go though. She has a first appointment with Farrah on Thursday and I'm kind of jealous that she gets to see her...but really glad she isn't seeing Claire because I'd just feel a bit invaded :/
I feel pretty sick, I keep getting an icky taste of pills in my mouth.

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