Thursday, 29 March 2012


It is almost midday. I need to get up. I'm exhausted, again for no reason.

I have campaigning 1-2pm it is this time-to-change thing. Getting people to sign a pledge that they will talk about mental health. I have to be one of those people that just walk up to you and ask you stuff :S

Then I have tutorial 2-3pm. I emailed my tutor a fortnight ago asking if I was meant to be doing my presentation but she didn't reply. I emailed her yesterday asking if she got my email before and that I hadn't done my presentation because I've been doing my other coursework and the other people in the tutor group had said S and N were doing their presentations. She was fine with it when she replied, she knows I was seeing crisis team and had a load os crappiness going on but I still feel bad/annoyed. Because if she had said I was doing my presentation today I could have written it and done it and now I'm doing it after Easter and no one else is doing their's that day (because they've all done it).

Also I'm pretty sure someone vomitted outside my door last night, it is 90% cleaned up. This is one of my biggest fears about student accomodation. So far I haven't had it happen but it is gross and I don't want to leave my room...

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