Thursday, 1 March 2012

Flying Solo

Erm so yeah. Basically they can all fuck off.

Saw Dr C, he said that he would see me one week and Claire would see me another week (aka halve my appointments). Claire did NOT say this on Tuesday.
That if I had gone to ED then they would have had to stop seeing me - that isn't what Claire was telling me.
That when Claire saw me more when it was the anniversary that she only did it because she felt guilty and that they should have been tougher with me.

It was going to be okay to eat once I'd seen him. Not now. I didn't hand in my appointment slip at the desk so I don't have another one with him and I've cancelled my appointment with Claire. She isn't meant to see me every week and I saw her this week.


  1. Woman! :( please do me a favour, what would you do if it were me? What would you tell me?
    Cos we've spoken before about logical-ness for others being easier.

    What did he actually say? If he's saying this and Claire isn't then you don't know. I legitimately don't think she'd see you less without blooming telling her.

    PLEASE at least uncancel your app with her? For me? I'm not as good at undercover professional contacting as you but when there's a will there's a way and I'm worried about you loads so that's a fuck ton of "will".

    Phone Claire or email her and ask? Pleasepleasepleaseplease?

    I'm worried you'll die :/ love you xxx

    1. I'm not going to die!!!
      He ACTUALLY SAID all of those things, I'm honestly not dodgily interpreting. He was telling me how stressed Claire has been and everything.