Sunday, 11 March 2012

I emailed my mum last night. I don't think she will have read it yet as she'll be quite busy today (my brother is moving into his own place). I told her everything. That I'm seeing crisis team, that I've OD'd several times at university, that there will be a lot of things I can't deal with at Easter, that when we talk about what I'm going to eat it can't be around a meal time or in the kitchen whilst we're cooking.
I got upset after and called Crisis team but the woman didn't know who I was and kept asking if I was under their service and who I see and stuff and I told her but I just felt like I wasn't meant to call and I couldn't really deal with talking to someone who didn't have my notes.
But I'm still alive so it is fine. I called again this morning, they are meant to be calling me back but no one has, it has been 50 minutes. I just keep panicking and wanting to cry and not know what I'm doing all day isn't helping.
I want to do some essay, go to the big tesco and get soup and hot chocolate and I kinda want to go to the New Look in the City because they've remodeled the store and have a sale on. But everything I try and do I just bleh.
I don't want to be on my own but there is no one here I can just hang out with and not have to make an effort.

I might call again :/ rjfhebiqqsdkjn rehwiodj hueidnwq

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  1. I'm really glad you emailed her, has she responded?xxx