Thursday, 22 March 2012

I went to the appointment, it actually went okay. Turns out I misiterpret a lot of information. I'm not seeing them again unless I get referred back due to going to A&E. They are writing my discharge letter and saying I should start ED intervention in September (when I'll living in my own house) and that I will need to see the psychological service at somepoint in the future about stuff that has happened but we've agreed not to try and deal with that at the moment as it'll be too stressful.
I walked just over 5 miles because I didn't walk back to campus. My shoes were rubbing and my hips are really stiff (and I was being lazy).
I'm now in my lab class then I have an extra lecture after this at 5-6pm :(
I don't feel great...but today could've gone a lot worse.

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  1. <3 I'm glad today went well, I was thinking of you.

    5 miles is still a long walk - I only ran 4.5 today, I wasn't feeling the humidity, made my legs seem like they were made of lead!

    *big hug*