Sunday, 4 March 2012

I'm exhausted, I'm not sure what are dreams and what has happened the past week. I need to get up and shower in 20 minutes, get the bus into town and make up to my friend for not going over for her birthday yesterday.
Shannice is in hospital, I'm worried about her and she probably is pissed off at me because I called her ward to tell them she had silenced her heart monitor. I thought it was better than facebook messaging her mother...
I'm worried about seeing Claire tomorrow. I can't...speak at the moment. I'm just angry and moody at everyone who tries to help even if they are people I love like Hannah. I might write some stuff down.
I really need to do some laundry...really bad. And change my sheets and wash up and tidy up.

Okay, Shannice isn't pissed at me :)

Must. Shower. Now.

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  1. my account's being weird and wont let me comment on your newer post. but anyway, in relation to this post, it was so lovely to see you yesterday, i had such a good day! and in relation ot the new post, which i cant comment on, you are most definitely not a bitch. though, i do wish i could fit in a size 4 miss selfridge dress! love youuuu, ♥