Friday, 23 March 2012

I've had 300 calories today, it is 4.40pm. At 6pm my friends will be going to dinner which is fish and chips and various other options...I want to go. I haven't wanted to go to a meal in so long and now I do and I don't know what to do. I could have the fish, salad and a few chips and still end up on a calorie intake I should be fine with. The problem is it isn't about calorie intake it is about the idea of actually eating a meal.
I feel like I should be 'making the most of' being in complete control of eating/ not eating before I go home in one week. I wish it was as simple as: hungry = eat, full = stop.


  1. "I wish it was as simple as: hungry = eat, full = stop."

    Me too, my dear. Me too. :(

  2. Sometimes I try and remember, that it's not as simple as that now, but physically there's nothing wrong, no reason why it can't work like that in the future. I dunno. I need to believe it's possible.

    Dinner at uni sounds really positive xxx