Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Today was a bit...messy. I went to mentoring, went to my lecture. Bought binge food, binged and purged.
My friend (from uni) took a small OD last night so I went and saw her and got her to email Claire. She was seeing the uni counselling service but they just said on Monday (with no warning) 'I can't help you' and cancelled all her other appointments without arranging anything else. If uni counselling doesn't help they are meant to refer you to Claire. So I duno.
Anyway, I just went and bought soya milk so I can have coffee and hot chocolate. I've taken quite a few water pills...I haven't been for a wee for almost two days and I'm mega bloated and gained 5lbs. Since I took them I've lost 2lbs from peeing.
I quite want to eat more. Not in a binging way, just to have some mashed potato or porridge. But the idea kind of stresses me out.
I'm meant to be going to a cocktail bar this evening, meaning I have to dress up...meaning I have to shower. Plus alcohol (CALORIES, WATER RETENTION). Yay.

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  1. Please have something- at least some porridge and hot chocolate?xxx