Monday, 26 March 2012

What is that girl doing?!

Just had a ...strange... appointment with Claire. I had loads of stuff going on in my head. I had to repeat things a certain number of times in my head before I could speak and it was just impossible. Plus tics. The joy of Tourette's. (Tics increase in stress and in warm weather).
I walked out, whacked my head against the wall a few times whilst crying, punched myself a few times and went back. All this led to a new thing, involuntarily punching myelf in the face. Yay I'm so cool.
I don't even want to talk about the bitchy crap going on in hall at the moment.
Four days left until the end of term. I've pretty much got the word count of my essay but I still need to do referencing and actually make it cohesive... and then a lab report.
Tried to think of ways to make the week less stressful with Claire, pretty much concluded it was just going to be a stressful week.
Feel so so so so fat and horrible and adheifheiwhfewhifhw

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  1. That's crap! Argh I'm sorry :/
    Did Claire say anything/ have any form of plan? Lurve xxx