Wednesday, 18 April 2012

At 7pm I'm meant to be going to my friend from college's house for the evening. I think it is just going to be me and her and I REALLY with G was coming because that makes conversation easier (I don't have to say as much), G knew more about my problems and it would also mean I wouldn't feel bad if I left early-ish. (I don't know what time I'm meant to be leaving...)
I don't really want to go.
I am also dressed like a little girl, yet at the same time feel like a whale sized woman. The two aren't really compatible.
I think if I change to black tights and black t-shirt with the flowery skirt I might look less... little girly. Also I'm wearing a proper bra not a crop top and it looks funny. Like I've stuck the boobs on. Which I guess I have given it is a padded bra...
I've done some reading today. But not got very far in knowing what I'm actually going to write for this essay. I found out the word count is only 1000 words though which was a suprise.

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  1. I hope your evening was enjoyable... I, too, have a hard time with commitments like that. BEst of luck on your essay, xx