Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Chapter 4: What children understand about the mind. Page 1 of 15

I am genuinely trying to focus on work...I've made a tumblr post about it and EVERYTHING.

I can't concentrate basically, thinking about my life and the past and the future too much.

Oh and my thighs, pretty up there on the 'thoughts consuming my mind' list.

I need to write my essay. I also need to write a presentation on a piece of psychological research. Not something famous just something from a journal off google scholar or something. CAN'T CHOOSE!

Can't do Tourettes because I'll tic even more and it'll just be embarrassing more so that it is already going to be.

Oh and joy, filling in my DLA form. Most depressing form ever.

When I saw Crisis team they said I can't do psychotherapy until I'm lower risk; not self-harming as much, not OD'ing, ED is improved. But I'm pretty sure ED are going to offer me psychotherapy... :/
I want my post from University so I can see what they actually wrote in my discharge letter from Crisis.
I want Claire to be back from her holiday (next Monday) so I can email her and so she can maye sort things out with Dr C for me. As much as he pissed me off it is pretty impractical to see any of the other doctors because they are all a little scared of me.

Hmm does this ring a bell?

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  1. I hope you've found some focus. I haven't any.