Friday, 27 April 2012

End of the holidays

After a lot of logging in and logging out I finally booked a GP appointment (we can book online, in person or on the phone).
Wednesday. So I'm seeing Claire at 2-3pm, then Dr C at 3.30pm. I am literally going to get my prescription. I am not talking about food or weight or anything. We REALLY don't need to talk about weight anyway because it is fine. And I ate ALL the unhealthy foods so far today. 
To be honest I'll be massively surprised if it isn't a disastrous appointment because I think we're both quite stubborn and I can't imagine he is going to apologise for...well anything. 
I've packed most of my clothes, sorted out my shoes. There are still things to sort out but I had to do it today because my twat of a big brother is coming tomorrow for the weekend. To 'see me before I go' supposedly. There is nothing to talk about, his job (he works for a bank) has made him even more incapable of holding interesting conversation. And we can't discuss current affairs because 1. Obviously his baby sister is completely oblivious to the world *rolls eyes* and 2. He can't be wrong so he bullshits his way through all conversations. Worse is when he tries to talk to me about my degree. IT IS MY DEGREE, IT IS NOTHING LIKE YOUR DEGREE, I AM (FUNNILY ENOUGH) GOING TO KNOW MORE THAN YOU AND NOTICE (MORE SO) WHEN YOU BULLSHIT!!!
GAH. Also I've been using his room the spare room as a sort of office during the day and have actually been studying. I still have a presentation I'd like to get pretty much finished but he is incapable of sitting in the living room. He comes home 'to see us' to actually just sit in his bedroom the spare room.
Yes, I'm being a bitchy little sister, but I don't have the energy to nod and smile and the stupid things he says for the sake of us communicating at the moment. 
It is going to be like 2pm Saturday - 8am Sunday though so really not such a big deal. Because then I'm going up to Nottingham with my Dad and all my stuff.
I thought I might succeed in packing fewer clothes. I don't think I actually have... I have fewer formal dresses. I have a silky strappy thing for any end of year things I get invited to and then a short and long option for my summer ball depending on how formal it ends up being. 
I'm scared of being back at uni, a little, but not as much now I've finished my essay and got my head round this presentation. Mainly I'm just excited. I think it is going to go far too quickly.
8 weeks.
3 weeks of final lectures and revision, then 3 weeks exams, then 2 weeks of partying and getting results.
There are also 3 bank holidays during that time, including the Diamond Jubilee. I was 9 when it was the golden jubilee (funily enough..), we got special mugs, had a picnic at school and played games. During one of these games I bit the end of my tongue off. Fun Times. 
In my head, during the summer term we're going to sit outside in the sun with music or at least a guitar. Possibly with a disposable BBQ. I need to remember that that is what I want to do. I don't have to eat or drink, but I can spend time with people. I find it hard to remember that in the summer it can be warmer inside than outside. I want to enjoy the campus. 
I'm only going to live 5 minutes from it next year, we'll actually be closer to the lake. (Oh my god, boating on the lake). I worry though that we'll forget to walk that 5 minutes to spend time there. I genuinely live on the nicest campus, it is all green and there is a lake and lots of trees and little hidden gardens and 'my' summer house. Then there is the lake which is massive and there are the geese and ducks and swans and general wildlife. Then across the road is Wollaton Park with its lake and deer with massive antlers. 
I should really spend more time enjoying it. 

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  1. I don't think you're being stupid with all of this stuff regarding your brother. The only thing that will make it stupid is if you don't handle it maturely... but I know you are sensible and able to understand what you need to do to keep the peace, even though its hard. I suppose that you're right in the middle of it now, so I'll say a prayer for you that he doesn't drive you total nuts by the time you go back with your Dad to Nottingham.

    How is your schoolwork going? Do you need me to proof-read anything for you?