Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Food baby

Since I've been home I've been eating (more). Like breakfast (porridge) and some snacks such as crackers or similar and then a pepper with a tin of tomatoes and prawns for dinner. Plus coffee.
I feel so so so bloated and full but I'm getting hungry really regularly. My stomach is painful and horrible and I just want to stop eating.
Tomorrow I'm going to the dentist then to see Hannah in London (sorted out what we're doing and it is fine :) ) but if I'm home for dinner my mum wants me to eat with them. They're having cassoulet and she said I could just have the beans and vegetables and potatoes but cnjdos;nc;jfidewonjfe tempted to just stay in London til later so I don't have to choose to or choose not to.


  1. Is it going okay with the family and food?

    It sounds like its going okay in terms of eating? I'm glad you're bloody eating a little bit more!

    Have lots of fun with Hannah, take care xxx

  2. I, too, have failed to comment lately, for which I apologize... but thank you for your comment, and know that I am still reading, as well. xxx