Friday, 6 April 2012

I wish I could say what is going on in my head at the moment but ultimately the consequences of saying it will only make the situation much harder to deal with. So I won't.


I asked my mum about altering a dress I bought on Wednesday, she said "Oh but it'll be fine once you put some weight on" ... throughout the years SHE has never expressed a desire for me to gain weight, I mean she thinks I should be a size 10-12 (US 5-6?) but she has always just asked me not to lose more weight. And of all the times to say it I was suprised that now was when she in not when I was really ill.


  1. What's up? :/

    And you are really ill now xxx

  2. Honey,
    I'm sorry you feel like you can't share what's on your mind with us. Letting things out always helps me think clearer about the situation. I hope you're coping okay.

    Wish you the best,

    ~ S