Monday, 9 April 2012

Most boring post ever.

Cold cold cold. I have nothing to write about but I'm also bored. My brother has gone home which is a relief. He makes food so much more complicated.
Next weekend it is my little brother's birthday. We're going to the Southbank (London) then going for a meal. MOSTSTRESSFULTHINGEVER. Really really not looking forward to the day at all... :/
I am however looking forward to Friday :) meeting up with Lissy, Amy, Hannah and Maryam for the day whooop. Haven't seen them since Christmas and then Maryam couldn't come, sadness.

I tried to weigh myself this morning. Realised my scales have no batteries in them...#highlightofmyday.

Kinda sick of my clothes not fitting. I have a summer ball mid-June and I can't find anything that fits. I have a UK6 long dress which is okay but I can't wear a bra with it (not that any bras fit me, crop tops yayI'm10) and it is loose and I'm worried cause if I lean forward you can see my 'boobies'...

It has a neck like in the picture though different fabric etc. Anyway, it is really hard to find size 4 that isn't petite...Miss Selfridge does it but I don't know if I like their stuff that much. I don't know grrr. I just would rather have something to wear because I don't want to end up going shopping with other girls because the size thing is SO awkward. Being a 6 is awkward let alone a 4 "Sorry but everything in thise whole shop is too big for me" they see it as that I'm saying they are fat, leading to them talking about boobs, either my lack of them or how they're only such and such a size because they have big boobs.

Not my idea of fun. It is over 2 months away anyway. There is no point in looking because I don't plan on staying this weight for the next 2 months.

I need to actually do some uni work this week...

Is there an age at which children become able to understand the concept of other people having a unique mind?

And a presentation and then I can start revision. I should do some German too...have no desire to, at all. Wouldn't even go back to the class if it wasn't for part of the exam being in the classroom. So glad I have only Psychology modules next year. As much as I love the physiology and pharmacology module I take I suck in the exam.

Next year I take:

  • Statistical Methods 2 [20 credits]
  • Practical Methods [20 credits] (Lab experiments)
  • Cognitive Psychology 2 [20 credits]
  • Social and Developmental Psychology [20 credits]
  • Neuroscience and Behaviour [20 credits]
  • Conceptual & Historical Issues in Psychology, Personality & Individuals [20 credts]

There, bet that was the most interesting thing you've ever read...

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  1. Agh I commented, then accidentally exited, then the same thing happened again!!!

    That probably was the most interesting thing I've read all day ... Though to be fair your competition is a chemistry textbook and that's not hard to beat ;)

    I'm kidding :p

    I do enjoy reading your blog (unless it's an unhappy blog :() and I'm sorry ("stop saying sorry") that I don't comment enough on it :(

    I do hope things get easier now your older brothers gone
    As for your younger brother, don't stress about his birthday :( try to relax and enjoy the day because that's how it's meant to be :( (much easier said than done) but, try to just take things as they come.

    Also with the dress you've got ages yet :p For my prom, I sorted my prom dress out the night before It. You might just come across something over the next month or so when looking for something else and if need be there's always dresses you cab borrow off people :)

    Sorry for a crappy comment, I do hope you're okay. Love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx