Thursday, 5 April 2012

nakd bears

I had a lovely afternoon yesterday with Hannah, got freaked out by some tomato soup but then we went to starbucks and I calmed down.
I got two hair clips, a pair of new look rip-off TOMS and a dress. But the dress is too big so I need to alter it or find the right kind of belt but I loved it and it was reduced to £10 in this boutique off of Carnaby Street so I bought it anyway.
I had falafel and salad for dinner.
ALSO MEGA EXCITEMENT. My nakd bars arrived AND bear emailed me back about the apple granola and they are sending me a bag. They are altering it so it is in 'hibernation' at the moment.
This morning I didn't wake up until 12.30pm and now I'm sitting in bed on my laptop anyway. My mum has gone to the supermarket and I was going to go with her because then I can get some more of 'my' food buuuut she is also going to my grandparents and I just don't have the energy to do the whole chatty, happy, normal granddaughter thing. Plus my mum is kinda annoying me at the moment, as ever.
Might decorate a t-shirt but can't decide what to put on it.

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  1. Thats great that you had a nice afternoon with your friend and well done not getting too freaked out by the soup,
    Nakd bars, are they the ones that have apple flavour, cashew flavour, etc.? they are a really good idea and give you bundles of energy, I think they are the ones I'm thinking of them once at a health food fair... and they sell them in Holland Barret?
    Eurgh yeah, energy, facade grandparents visits etc. this weekend will contain a lot of such :(
    I hope you did decorate a t-shirt,
    It'd be cool to see a pic,