Friday, 20 April 2012

Please send me heat?

You know those days when you just can't get warm?
I feel like I've had a drip in my arm or a blood test, despite not having had either of those things in over a month.
I don't feel as fat or huge as yesterday but I still feel bigger than the day my mum picked me up from university.
I haven't weighed myself properly in 22 days. I mean I've stood on the scales in my clothes and slippers etc so I know I'm not higher than that weight but I don't know what I actually weigh. I think the low 50's I dunno. Too much to feel comfortable, whatever weight I am it is too much to feel comfortable.
I just want to be warm!!!

On the plus side I've properly written a third of my essay and done notes for the rest, after that I'll still have to do referencing and probably some editing as I reckon I'll be a fair way over the word limit. BUT I ACTUALLY DID SOME WORK.

Tomorrow I'm going to London and spending 'til Monday morning with Lily and Felicity. Then on Monday I'm meeting up with Ruby. I might see someone else too but they haven't replied on facebook so I figure they're quite busy. Plus after that I should probably come home so I can do more work and get ready for going back to Nottingham on the 29th.

9 days. How much weight can I lose in 9 days? Or actually 11 days given that is my next appointment. I don't know what is happening with weighing next term, I avoided the doctors the last month of term and he only weighed me twice but then crisis and Claire were kind of pissed about that so I dunno. Meant to be having bloods and another ECG but I don't know.


  1. I would send you heat but I don't have any full stop, let alone spare! On the plus side, my dad doesn't know I've had my bedroom heater on since Monday so my room is toasty :D

    Yay for essay!

    I'm glad you know logically at least that no weight will be "comfortable" :(

    I hope they sort the ECG thing asap!!!xxx

  2. Congrats on getting some of the essay done. I really need to get to work on mine. And I'd send you some of this nice weather that we're having in the midwest if I could! hang in there <3

  3. Glad you're being productive, at least.. and I wish that I could send you heat, but I don't have any to spare! xx

  4. When I can't get warm sometimes I use a hairdryer on my skin. Kinda weird, but whatever, it feels so good! Just don't hold it too close :P