Thursday, 12 April 2012

Tomorrow I'm going to London to see Lissy, Maryam, Hannah and Amy. (Who all have eating disorders).
I'm the biggest. I don't want that to be an issue for me. But it is because I'm screwed up, like last week I made Hannah leave the cafe we were in because I got tomoato soup with cream in it.
And it is like...if you're going to be that wierd you could at least be skinny right?
Then I'm staying at Felicity's.

Saturday is my little brother's birthday and we are meeting in London. My brother and I are chilling in London I'm not sure what we're going to do exactly but anyway. Then we're meeting up with my parents and I think my older brother and going to a Turkish restaurant for an early dinner. Whichisratherterrifying. I am hoping my older brother isn't coming because I will find that easier but I think he almost definately is. Anyway, then we'll go home.

Sunday I'm heading West to see Lily, then on Monday morning we are going to her ED appointment together. I'm hoping being stuck on a train with nothing to do for an extended period will mean I actually do some uni reading and note making.

hijojvieWHIHEUFGWADNIWQsdjiweohfwhfuehfsji I just feel stressed out. Not because of any one thing like I'm just a bit sick of all of this you know? The whole eating disorder thing I mean.

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