Monday, 21 May 2012


I'm tired, I woke up tired. I've had some porridge and I've got coffee. My neck and shoulders ache. I feel huge but I'm more aware of my ribs and shoulders. I haven't lost a lot I don't know if it is just eating less meaning I'm more aware of my body, I don't know.
The weather is still grey.

I'm meeting this woman with my tutor at 2.30pm so I do have to go out today. I want to go out sooner than that. I want to feel awake and go and revise and learn stuff because my exam is TOMORROW.


  1. Yay porridge.

    Good luck with your neeting thing. And more so, good luck tomorrow!!xxx

  2. i hope the meeting goes well and good luck in your exam tomorrow! xxxx

  3. Good luck with your exam x