Monday, 7 May 2012

5am is not breakfast time!

Woke up even earlier than yesterday today. 5.08am, really, really hungry! I had some porridge eventually and some coffee (which oddly tasted vanilla-y). I don't have to be anywhere until 11am. The plan was to get up at half eight, work until 10.45, see mentor 11-12. Walk. See tutor at 2pm. Then I'd be free for the rest of the day. We have our Hall photo at 6.15pm which I am dreading, partly because I want to be at the exam stress workshop (women's network) by 6.55pm and I'm pretty sure it'll run over. Also, the photo is smart dress and I'm pretty sure this workshop is going to involved something yoga-esque...
My thighs have been aching all night. I literally walked 1.3km yesterday! They should be fine! They are all tense and horrible. 
Possibly told a group at the women's network film that I have mental health problems and have had for 6 years. I didn't say what but yeah...kinda regretting it now. Not because they are the sort of people to treat me any differently but I just feel bad for saying it. 
I think I might be tired enough to dose for a bit again.

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