Monday, 14 May 2012


I want to go to the women's centre, other people from the network are over there helping organise the library. But I'm so so so anxious and ahhhhh.
I have a German oral on Friday and I didn't know we were really able to prepare for it but I have to meet up with the rest of my group tomorrow afternoon to go through it (AHHHH) and I really don't speak German and really really don't want to do it (AHHH).
I can't concentrate 'cause of this stupid clenched-up-scared feeling in me and part of me knows that going to the women's centre would be a good idea. I'll be around people and occupied but going downstairs and out the door feels like a massive barrier. 
I'm also very bloated and very tired from yesterday evening.


  1. I has my German oral today, it wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting (just opened my mouth and started half my answers with weil and then had to pause and fix the word orders eeeekk... and my past tense was all wrong) but they were really nice about it and it wasn't "too" scary.

    Did you go in the end ? x