Monday, 7 May 2012


Friggin' hate Hall internet. Facebook will work, and blogger is semi-working though only one tab at a time. I haven't done very much revision at all. I've written out 10 notes cards and I don't think I took any of it it. 
I have been so so so hungry and feeling sick and icky. Which is crazy because I've not done anything and I've eaten more so far today than I would any other day! 
I've got to leave for the women's network film in an hour at the latest. I'm tempted to leave now and walk around the lake for an hour. But I'm worried I won't be able to concentrate on the film or the discussion because I'll be too hungry. 
I'm worried that there will be snacks there. I hope not. Not because I couldn't say no, but because I might suddenly decide I'm totally cool with it and then afterwards have a mega breakdown over Haribo or popcorn or some similar snack-type-thing. I really quite want toffee popcorn and Haribo and wotsits and some form of protein and maltesers. I think that is everything I want. Except I don't want it all at once or I want just a little bit of each just to get a taste and feel less hungry.
I've already had 670 calories and it is only 4.20pm.
I sent Claire a really long email.

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