Friday, 18 May 2012

Committee elections

Euurghj no way going to get general secretary of the women's network. The girl running against me has this whole facebook group and got all her friends to join the network before membership closed for elections (which they do so you can't get all your friends to vote for you..)
Feel kinda shitty. It isn't that I don't think she would be good at it I just wish it wasn't a popularity contest and was based on our which case she may still win because hers is much more formal. I dunno. 
If you go to Nottingham and happen to be a member of the WN, vote for the person with the longest surname ;P but I think it is pretty unlikely...
I am going to go to psychology dept/ a library to study. But I'm not going until 11am at the earliest because I'm working until 4pm and any more than that and my brain will burn out. I'm 100% focusing on stats at the moment which means I will encounter AHHHHH SO MUCH WORK TO DO FOR SUCH AND SUCH EXAM however I need to focus on stats. Then biological and then developmental and physiology and pharmacology will need to be at the same time... Lets forget German.
I am actually meant to be in my German oral right now. However Claire wrote a letter saying she didn't think I should take it so huzzah, made me so much less stressed. 
On a much sadder note, I'm almost at the end of The Girl who Kicked the Hornet's Nest audiobook. only about 3hours left, meaning I've already spent 21 hours of my life listening to it. And then the one before was 28 hours... audiobooks are not conducive to revising...

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  1. I don't quite know how it works/ if it'd work- but with my online password for the library, you might be able to download the audiobooks that I've borrowed onto your 'pooter. There's two crime ones that are going away tomorrow but there's a Patricia Cornwell book and the last Harry Potter if you want to give it a go, let me know and I'll give you the website/ my login. Until then, get revising! And eat