Saturday, 26 May 2012

Feeling better than last night. Up and almost ready to go out. It is crazy hot again.
That gradual fake tan? Not gradual if you are translucent like me! Which means I have some dodgy patches...but it'll work out. Wearing cropped leggings today though rather than a skirt!
(Oh the excitement of my blog...)
I'm going to starbucks and I'll have a tall mocha light frappacino which is just less than 100 (with soya). But I'm really tempted to have some food there too. Because I actually can because I'm not eating anything else. But it is still too scary. 
The panini I would like is 469cals and the muffin I would choose (I wouldn't have both) is 264/271...
I can't decide whether to take my laptop with me or not... I don't actually really need it to revise BUT I am bidding on something on ebay...BUT my laptop is heavy.
Ebay is more important...? No, no it isn't...revision is.

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