Saturday, 5 May 2012

*gets up* *dusts self off* ALL THE HIGHLIGHTERS

Going to be really bloody lazy and get the bus into town to meet Shannice. Keep sneezing. 
Just applied to be the secretary of the uni women's network. Probably not going to get it. But anyway. 

Having finally collected my medication I need to actually remember to take it. 

I calculated how much work I need to do before my exams. 

25 hours of Statistics (22nd May)
18 hours of Biological Psychology (28th May)
24 hours of Physiology and Pharmacology (6th June)
9 hours of Developmental Psychology (7th June)
4 hours of German (18th May, 1st June)

80 Hours (oh didn't that add up nicely!) FML. This year doesn't even count, I am literally aiming to pass, this shows how little work I've done throughout the year. My attendance to lectures sucks but I only found the lecture-by-lecture recommended reading for statistics yesterday. Over 6 months since I started the module.

I've been invited to Nandos and a bar tonight. I want to go, to spend time with people. But I don't want to eat, I mean Nandos is okay, you order your own food in the bar. I could get bottomless fat free frozen yoghurt. Or nothing. It just depends how many people go. If it is just me, C and C's friend-from-home then it'd be weird.

Okay, blogger, can you please learn that firstly I am not in Pacific Daylight Time and secondly I use British English spelling.

I've decided that having a non-pattered, loose, t-shirt material dress will solve ALL the fat-feelings. Additonally I need a new watch and the new Marina and the Diamonds album. I was going to pre-order it but having only ever bought myself one CD before (mozart requiem mass), I really wanted to go and buy the ACTUAL CD. I am not by any means without music, I just have parents, esspecially a Dad who happens to buy all the CDs I want. 

Hmm...should I walk to town???

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  1. 80 hours sounds like masses and masses of time- but actually it's the equivalent of two weeks full time work- which isn't anything shocking and I do think you can manage it. It's good to pre plan and blahblahblah.

    Hope you had fun with Shannice xxx