Friday, 25 May 2012

Got up and did revision in a pretty empty seating area on campus 10 until just before 2 when I went and saw Claire. She had spoken to Dr C and he IS going to refer me to the psychologist. So I'm going to meet her at some point for an assessment and stuff (I don't know if that will be before the summer or after).
Then we rambled on about racism/ homosexuality and people being overly 'polictically correct'...and also that I'm not a horrible person if I reapply for my disability benefit.
Tomorrow the plan is to go to a nice air conditioned Starbucks in town to revise. I need to do about 6 hours to catch up from the yesterday and the knock-on effect on today (essentially I didn't do enough work yesterday and I now need to catch up to be back on track).
I didn't get on the women's network committee. I'm not that bothered surprisingly. The facebook page of the network has been stressing me out a lot recently.
Really tired. And the heat is burning up my patience.

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