Sunday, 27 May 2012

I feel kind of low and worried but I think in a normal way? I have an exam tomorrow that I really want to do well on (so 60% or more) but on the practice questions I got 43% and 50% which is fine but just not as much as I was hoping.
(By the way, before anyone thinks I'm an idiot I do a Psychology degree at one of the top UK universities, you *can't* get 100% on my course, getting above 70% means you're a friggin' genius)
So I'm stressing about that and the fact I'm really bloated and I'm worrying that I'm going to get my period and I really was hoping (stupidly) that it would go away again. 
Exam tomorrow, mentoring Tuesday, GP Wednesday, exam and Claire on Friday and revision everyday for the next eleven days. Then I am FREEEEEEEE (except I still need to write one more essay by mid-August).
I'm so tired. I want and moan and complain to someone but everyone is 'in the same boat' and though I doubt very many of the people I know think about cutting or overdosing or restricting because of it it is still normal to be stressed about exams. And I haven't cut in a few days or overdosed in a few months and I can barely say I'm even restricting today and yesterday.

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