Friday, 25 May 2012

I feel worse now that the girl who got general secretary for women's network has written a status

Really happy to have been elected General Secretary of the Women's Network for next year, commiserations to Eloise who i'm sure will still be greatly involved in everything that goes on :) thanks to everyone who voted!

I just, I dunno. I felt fine about it until then. Now I feel massively down. Probably a good reason why I shouldn't be on it.

On a more exciting note I just used gradual fake tan for the first time...

The woman's officer for next year messaged me. Don't know how to reply. She was being nice but it just made me feel awful. I also looked up the definition of commiserations 'to feel sorrow or express pity for'. I have to go out tomorrow but at the moment I just want to cut and purge and generally feel shit. Because I would've been shit at the role anyway.

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