Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I get sad when I lose followers. Even though I know it might just be because they have left blogger rather than choosing to stop following me, even though I know not all my followers read my posts anyway, even though the idea of that many people reading my ramblings actually rather terrifies me when I think about it...but I don't like it when the number goes down (rather like a reverse of the scale then...).
I saw Claire this morning and got a letter saying she recommends I don't take my german oral. My proper appointment with her is on Friday. Then I saw Dr C and it was ok, just a little pointless. I mean I got my prescription which is useful but I didn't see the point of the rest of the appointment. I don't know what I'm meant to say in them. So he was like 'lets focus on the positives' which is fair enough but doesn't really solve anything. 

Trying to write an abstract for my lab report. Failing. I should at least do the referencing for it though.

Last night was the women's network AGM, had to do my little 'why I want to be on the comittee' thing. Only I went first and oh my goodness I was awful and yeh, not going to get elected. Or at least I really doubt I will. There are other positions I can stand for in September though so I might still get on the commitee. 


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  1. awwww i hate when i lose followers too! makes me think that i'm inadequate or boring or triggering or or or!....i hear ya on that! it makes me feel as if i've done something wrong to cause their leaving. but...there are always reasons ppl stop you said, they leave blogger, or like, the are trying hard to recover and stay away from certain sites. it is hard, but its important to not blame it on yourself. there are always other reasons to be pondered as well! much love! xo