Sunday, 13 May 2012

I had a lovely meal out, well it was a disaster but in normal ways like our food taking ages and orders getting mucked up however, I didn't throw up and I drank two cocktails and went dancing.
But at the bus stop (I was with two lovely girls) and I told them about one of the times I was raped, not as in detail but that it happened and now I've got in I feel like such a shit person. 
Regretting saying it, regretting the calories, regretting so much stuff.

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  1. It sounds really positive! You don't need to regret saying it- I bet they're pleased that you trusted them. I'm really glad you had a nice evening, try and focus on that, rather than the other crap. Having a meal with "normal" meal problems rather than "omg the toilet's overflowing with puke" problems, is damn positive!xxx