Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I'm going to b-eat. Just for something to do. My friend knocked on my door and said about having 'a chocolate evening'. I think she means like watching a film and eating chocolate. Funnily enough that isn't my idea of fun. I'm so so tired, I just want to go to bed but it is simpler to say I'm going to my group than 'I don't want to spend time with you'. I mean, she is the friend that knows everything so I'm kinda suprised she suggested it. She did see me eat chocolate on Sunday I don't know.
However I might not be able to go to b-eat that much longer because they just advertised for volunteers in an email to all the psychology undergrads. There are psychology students that do it now but they aren't in my year. I'm not going to see them in lectures or already know them. Eurgh. I might ask about how the process works this evening. I'm leaving in 30 mins. 
Or I could leave now and walk a long route. I don't know. Just exhausted.

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