Saturday, 12 May 2012

Inhibition of Return

Actually had another quite good day, I sort of forgot food but when I remembered I had some :) and I've done the bulk of my final lab report all in one day. I feel like I've written so much more than usual but it isn't much longer. But if I get more than a D I'll be thrilled so hopefully it'll work out. 

I also did colouring because this lovely lady Ruby drew a colouring page on her tumblr. So whether you want her increasingly wise words or amazing illustrations check her out!

Then I called this mini-commune for people with problems about going to stay there in the summer. I'd emailed them and ...I'm probably going to visit the second week of June. 

Tomorrow, having done work today I could get up and go into town. I need replacement cheap shoes from Primark, I still have a £10 New Look voucher and I could go to Starbucks or somewhere maybe. But I feel really panicky thinking about going. Which is really annoying because I don't even want to go with anyone. Well there are people I would like to go with but not uni people particularly. I'm okay with them when I feel okay but when I feel anxious it is easier when it is people who understand more.

Hopefully I'll feel calmer in the morning and get out. Then I can come back in th afternoon and do more lab report. Then I only have to focus on revision. (eek).

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  1. This is why you should live nearer me :P xxx