Friday, 11 May 2012

Nice day (except my brother dating an anorexic)

I actually had a good day. I had a tutorial at 11am which meant I had to get up and tutorial was actually pretty good, I can't say I'm friends with or 'click' with anyone who was there but it was ok. Then afterward I spoke to my tutor and her PhD student about taking part in some research and also my tutor might introduce me with 'a successful woman with ASD' which would be cool :)
Then I did some work. And then I went for a walk BUT I didn't walk for 2 hours :O I did 1.5 hours but it still broke the rule.
Then I had an appointment and it actually went ok, it was no where near as stressful as they have been the last few times. Gave Claire a diagram of how all my problems are linked. Talked a bit about hospital (as in how it was for me to be there not as in a proposal of me going there!). 
After that I came home, chatted to my friend, then went to the mental health group (a uni group) and twas nice, there were only four of us there and we just chatted. 
Came back and spoke to my brother which was nice BUT he is starting to see someone who had anorexia from 10-14... from his description of her she doesn't sound a healthy weight (bearing in mind she has been supposedly better for 10 years) and he was like "yeh but I saw her eat cake" and I'm like ARRRRGHH cos eating cake is the definition of health right?! And he was asking if he could tell her about my problems. I'm fine with that but he has only just accepted that I have a problem and I told him what I was eating at the moment (I was like WELL if you're accepting it now, have the facts) and my weight etc. and he was like 'yeah but I only get worried when you stop being a normal shape' and I was like 'oh god, please don't say things like that to this poor woman'. I did say to him that me having an eating disorder did not make him and expert. Given he doesn't get it, given he made me feel bad three times in our conversation. He doesn't get to just not comment on my body or size. He thinks that if he tells me I'm fine that that isn't upsetting. I told him not to comment on her size, including phrases like 'you're perfect as you are'.
Additionally concerned that he is attracted to someone who is so underweight they have 'no boobs'. Not that I've seen a photo, this is just his description. But biologically you're not meant to be attracted to someone who wouldn't be able to feed your offspring, or perhaps produce offspring. (Please don't hate me...)
But other than that today was good.

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  1. Sounds like you had generally good advice for your brother not to offer unsolicited advice on anyone's shape, especially not ones who've disclosed an e.d. past. I wouldn't worry too much about what we "should" be attracted to. Evolutionary psychology is a bunk branch, and that line of thinking negates homosexuality and interracial marriage, among other subconscious desires. He can't control his attraction but he can control his mouth. I wish guys didn't assume the only compliments women want to hear concern their appearance.