Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shopping & Showering

These things seem to be two of the hardest things in my life at the moment. Mostly because they should be so easy you don't even think about them. Also finding showering hard is just gross right?
I did however have a shower this morning, partly because in my dream my older brother told me I had greasy hair. In my dream I said to him "you just don't tell people things like that! If you see a fat person you don't tell them they are fat!". This is actually the sort of conversation my brother and I have had in the past. Anyway, I had a shower, recently my hair has been falling out and breaking a lot but today it looks really healthy, it is the same hair so I'm not sure how it looks so different!
So I need to go shopping.

4x yoghurts
2x weightwatchers pasta
2x soya milk
1x green beans
3x hot chocolate

Part of the reason I find it hard is that I feel like I should walk but I don't have the energy. But it is only 1.4 miles (2.3km) so I feel really bad if I get the bus there. I'm okay getting the bus back because the shopping is heavy. But I won't go today if I don't get the bus...which means I only have to walk half a mile-ish.
I'm so lazy.

Tomorrow I have Dr C at 9.20- 9.40am, meeting 10-11, Women's Network library 12-5.
Tuesday I have mentoring then I'm having elevensies in town with two 3rd years before they go off into the graduate world. In the evening I have my end of year formal dinner and ball.
Wednesday I get my exam results :S
Thursday I'm seeing Claire at 4pm and I'll probably spend a lot of the day packing because on Friday I'm going home! The end of 1st year, the end of my block living all together, the end of living in Hall!


  1. i hate showering and shopping too! they're too much effort :( and i'm so jealous you get your exam results back so soon, mine finished a month ago and i'm still waiting! :( hope you're ok, xo.

  2. You know my feelings on showering hehe.. Xox