Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer Ball and exam results

The formal/ ball was ok, I mean it was lovely to see everyone dressed up but the whole thing was just photos photos photos. I don't really get it, I mean sure document the occasion but when the occsaion becomes posing for photos it seems a bit pointless!
The warden's wife told me I was her favorite student in hall and deserved an award for putting up with everyone which was lovely (esspecially as she was 100% sober and therefore meant it!).
Also just before we went out my friends gave me my early birthday present of a smoothie maker!
As requested here is a photo, kinda stopped caring about people recognising this now...if you find it interesting you probably either know me already or have a problem yourself so...oh well basically.
Then today I got my results, overall I have 48% at the moment but I haven't got one module back yet so my tutor and I estimate I'll have 54%. Which is 2:2 which is good for first year and more than the 40% I need to pass. My average for psychology modules is 59% so I'm pretty pleased. It is an ok first year mark (doesn't count to overall degree marks) and I did it despite a load of other crappy stuff going on.


  1. you looked so nice! :) and well done on your marks! you did do it, despite everything else going on, so i think you deserve an award for that! or maybe i'll just treat you to a starbucks when i next see you? ;) we need to meet up soon, xo.

  2. You look lovely in your dress! And well done with your results x

  3. You look so lovely!!! Yay for smoothie maker!xxx

  4. Absolutely beautiful :) Also can't wait to hear about what you whip up in you smoothie maker!

  5. Ahhh well done bubbaloo, it really is a mahoooosive achievement doing that well on your exams. You merit like a thousand and one million smoothie makers and other kitchen accesories for being so incredible :) And you do look gorgeous. xoxoxox

  6. I didn't get to comment on the dress choices, but you picked the one that I liked best anyway! You look so lovely and grown up.

    I gather those grades are quite good - the English system is really different from the one in the US, so I'm not really sure what your numbers mean!


  7. You look so pretty! Congrats on doing so well, expecially with eveything going on, I know it's hard.
    Alice xx

  8. Congratulations on your results + you looked lovely =)