Thursday, 7 June 2012

Up, down, round and round.

How I feel about food seems to be morphing, it is always swirling and changing. Yesterday I didn't eat anything. This morning I got up and went to breakfast with my friends. I had branflakes and a mini danish. 
It is the day of my last exam. I'm not as prepared as I should be but I think I'll pass.
I made goal weights again. For awhile I've been sitting at the bottom end of healthy, still feeling big and horrible etc but not as intensely. Now I've realised I have no commitments over the summer, no need to eat in order to concentrate. I can swim and losing weight slowly I can come back to university with a BMI of 16. I know this is silly, I know it is a waste of time and effort. My treatment plan for next term is to see the psychologist, therefore see Claire a lot less and see my GP. Whatever happens with my weight they aren't going to change that. I don't want them to change it. 
I found out yesterday I'm not big enough to give blood, if I weighed what I weigh now but was 5cm (2 inches) taller then I could but at my height I'd have to gain 3(ish)kg (6.6lbs). It is because of blood volume so you have to be a certain volume...

Also I've never shopped at dorothy perkins before and I wondered what anyone else's opinion on their sizing was? I'm in a size 6 (US 2) and it is really baggy but in Miss Selfridge a size 6 isn't at all baggy (except a bit round the chest). It says UK6 EURO34 in the label, in H&M a 34 is a size 8 (US 4) clothes sizes are so confusing! I really like the dress though so I'm keeping it. I also got some black wedge heels which aren't very like me to buy, esspecially as they were £25 but they are really comfy and I can run in them, which is generally my criteria for shoes.

My exam today is Developmental Psychology, after today I won't have 'A not B task' and 'Naughty Teddy' experiments floating round my head. I also won't need to remember that 'some pigs can fly' (sensori-motor, pre-operational, concrete operational, formal operational- Piaget's stages of development).

That's it! Handy everyday knowledge from Eloise..!


  1. I don't know how you'll be able to get through a year of uni at 16 BMI and I really don't want you to have to drop out- no one wants you to be a layabout like me ;) xxx

  2. Ohhh, hi fellow Psych! I'm so so glad that I never have to do developmental psych ever again... Wish I'd heard that 'some pigs can fly' mnemonic before my exam though!

    I agree with Lissy, psych is a hard enough subject in the first place let alone when you can't concentrate and are at such a low weight. Be careful x