Thursday, 5 July 2012

Actually did stuff today. I've written the main chunk of my essay and I went to an aquasize class with my Mum (jumping around in water for 45minutes to music pretty much). I weighed myself this morning and I'd gained 0.5kg which indeed, pathetically freaked me out. Porridge, coffee, coffee, apple juice, 2x ginger nuts. Dinner is tomato sauce with meatballs and rice noodles (instead of pasta) which will be about 350, maybe less, depends how much I put on my plate. 700. Aquasize burnt 100-120 probably.

Sorry my blog is so crap at the moment. About calories and such.

My doctor got my letter, sent me an NHS text saying my login details and about making a phone appointment for support but I still can't login, which means it is a problem with my password and I don't understand why!!! I am SURE of the password, I don't have caps on, I tried my other passwords just incase. Grrrrrrr. I'm currenly locked out for an hour (from the site) due to too many incorrect attempts.
I can just call them to make an appointment for him to call me but if I do it online I can see all the options for appointments and it is just easier. Some of the receptionists there are really good, well most of them, but the odd one or two can be really bad/ come across as rude.

Tomorrow I'm seeing my old college mentor (she retired when I left) for coffee. However I'm pretty sure this Italian cafe we're going to won't do soya milk so I'll have to get juice or something...or black coffee. Also their coffee is really strong. I haven't been into the city since Easter, I think I'm getting a lift there but I'll be getting the bus back. I used to do it nearly everyday last summer. It is strange though, being there in the summer, especially the side of town with the swimming pool and CAMHS (old clinic) and not swimming or going to an appointment. I quite want to write my old consultant a letter, I want her to write back but I feel awkward putting my address on the letter because it seems a bit presumtious that she would write back and I get why she wouldn't in terms of things being 'appropriate' etc. I guess I should just write one with my address on and just let her decide.

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  1. the rice noodles sound really good with the pasta sauce.