Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Back to Black

My parents went out today so the predictable happened. It wasn't an out of control binge like it used to be but did include usual binge foods and stuff I'm allergic to so it wasn't exactly 'in control' either.

Ice cream
Olive bread with oil and vinegar to dip
Pain au chocolat

Took laxatives for the first time in a long long time because I found them whilst packing. They aren't the chemical kind I used to take but still, I'm a fucking twat bag.

Weighed out cereal for going away. 40g/ day (153cals) it is only 19 days worth though and I'm there for 31 breakfasts. I've also got 12 cereal bars. It isn't a big deal I mean you don't need to bring your own foods with you and you can put stuff down on the shopping list but I just wanted to have some things. I don't really know how to pack the cereal without turning it to dust though...need to work that one out.

1 comment:

  1. Oh no! I'm sorry! :( I don't know if its any consolation that it's sort of for a "reason" as it were? I know I find it less scary if there was a clear trigger (like the parentals being out) because it feels less like it'll happen again?

    I want to be all "no no no laxatives ever again" but er, I imagine that would go down like a lead balloon.

    Basically I'm sorry things are crap and love you xxx