Saturday, 21 July 2012

I've been here a week now. It is good. I'm really struggling with food, breakfast is fine. Lunch fills me up way past 6pm and it feels like it is full right up under my ribs. Then dinner makes me feel the same. This is sill eating less than the children...
It is fun here though, playing with the kids, doing jobs. I'm going to (with help) dig some steps into a slope and do a handrail etc. at the top of the slope is the ex-ambulance we're turning into a library, kinda my little project :P not that I am doing it on my own.
Mood wise things are a bit up and down, esspecially after meals.


  1. Hey, I'm glad you're having a good time :)
    I'm sure you will get use to the food and the feeling full may become less obvious or unpleasant. Turning the ambulance into a library sounds pretty cool.
    Alice xx

  2. I'm glad things are good. Sounds like this is something you need. I hope that the food gets easier with time. xxx

  3. The food stuff will get easier I think, your stomach will adjust and it has only been a week. Take care xxx