Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Procrastination Mega-Town #gazillion

So I still have this essay to do having been out-of-it when it was originally due. But I can't concentrate, or rather I can't concentrate on this.
I want to watch rubbish TV and make cards for people and do some sewing and just relax but I need to do this so even if I do those other things I feel guilty and then I do nothing.
Also the wheat intolerance is really bothering me and also the lactose intolerance is worse than it used to be so I really can't have any now. 
On a positive note I've planned my breakfast's for Somerset and I'm going to have 200-250 calories for breakfast :) which I actually feel ok about because I'm going to be doing physical things in the morning. I'm having 40g of Quaker Oaty things (153), 150ml soya (60), coffee with soya (20). I guess I might have something else somedays but it is a lot more than my porridge and coffee comes to. For some reason I feel really positive about it even though I cried over pudding yesterday. My dad asked if I wanted lemon tart with strawberries (190) and I said yes then freaked out, then cried, said I didn't want any, my dad got frustrated that I was getting scared by lemon tart and yeah. 
Ohhh and my friend who has been living in France this year for the 3rd year of her degree was on facebook chat earlier and it was lovely to talk to her. She might come and stay at my house next year. I'll happily go to hers but it would be nice for her to come to mine because I've always gone to her's in Oxford before. It is her graduating year though and my 2nd year so both quite important. (My 2nd year determines my pick of final project for 3rd year and to an extent my degree grade and master's opportunities).
I'm seeing people on Sunday in a morphed version of what was once a PT meet but none of us use the site anymore, it is only going to be a brief meet up though because quite a few people have to leave after 2ish hours but it is long enough to go to starbucks and have a catch up.

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  1. Breakfast is good. Although it is so crap that you can't have the old standby of Bran Flakes!xxx