Sunday, 26 August 2012

back and forth

I went to the supermarket with my Dad and bought wheat free bread, wheat free biscuits, soya dessert (kinda like custard) and smoothie ice lollies. Coincidentally all these foods are low calorie. This wasn't the aim.
I got upset earlier because since I've been home my mum has been at my Grandma's every day and every other night and then she is home this weekend but only because her friend has come to stay. I don't want to be an added stress on her I am after all an adult. I don't like the disruption to routine, that we don't have foods I can eat in the house, that the foods we usually would have for dinner aren't being cooked. My mum was really good though and I'm going to give her my 'safe foods' list (I told her I'd got up to 23 things) and she is going to try and think up some things for meals and also try and make sure they get bought. I would also really like to spend some non-stressful time with her before I go back to Somerset like go to the cinema or something. 
I've been invited to this thing which is potentially massively triggering (and I'm already considering the benefits of losing) I don't know whether to go or not, though I really want to see some of the people there.

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