Thursday, 9 August 2012

Talked to the people here, called Dr C. I'm going home for 2 weeks, coming back here on the 4th September for 2ish weeks. Going home, packing and moving to Nottingham...
Talking to Dr C did sort of help. I did have a psychologist appointment for the 5th September but he is pushing that and the nutritional stuff back to October (a week after I move in). 
He is calling me next Wednesday morning (my first day home) and he suggested that not me which kind of made me feel better.
Also I know exactly who is going to be here when I come back in September which is nice. 
I thought my stomach had calmed down with the whole eating thing but then I spent the last few days throwing up (I think because I was worrying about leaving and not knowing what the September plan was). So now I'm back to a screwed up stomach. 
(I'm also really scared I'm going to get my period)

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  1. I hope that things are okay at home, and that you don't OD or not eat when you get to uni. I know how hard it is, though, and even though you may be doing better, it's hard not to backslide once in a while.

    I'm thinking about you. xxx